Talks and Consultancy


The skills of our group are varied and we have worked in community projects in cities and projects internationally.

Our knowledge is based upon over a two-decade track record of practical projects and not only academic study.


We are available for talks, consultancy and coaching;


- Community regeneration through environment protection and how this can regenerate economies

- How NGO's can generate more funding

- Ecological design and construction

- What really is Big Idea for community?

- How alternatives funding models can help any community

- How NGO's and Community centres can generate new income streams

- Advanced green consumerism models

- Ecoplaza - How together everyone can achieve more

- Eco-tourism

- The development and construction of themed spaces

Our catering services include:

- Onsite catering - we can turn a field into a paradise oasis of fine tasty cuisine.

We design theme spaces for bars, restaurants, festivals and can cater to small groups, hundreds of people or thousands.

- We prepare fusion cuisine with anything ranging from Indigenous favourites from Cornwall to the Amazon, from Hill Tribe specialities to Tapas, Sushi and Caribbean favourites. We bake fresh bread, make pizzas and pasta and specialise in salads. 

- Pop up restaurants in a field, warehouse or in an olive grove. We prepare a wide range of vegan and vegetarian foods.

We create lovely theatrical fine-dining experiences complete with decor, music, atmospherics and entertainment.  

We can cater using your existing kitchens or provide fully equipped field kitchens together with marquees.

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Published in Levante Lifestyle, Issue 41 June / July 2008
10 February 2012
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