Atlantis Restaurant

Established. 1000 BC.

I was given the opportunity I just had to take up- a visit to a restaurant that has been billed as one of the West Country’s most exciting new ventures, for a meal on the house. I arrived in the quaint town of Ilfracombe and spotted the restaurant along the main promenade. The façade gave no clues to what lay beyond the threshold.


When I entered I discovered this was more than just a restaurant: it was like an artist’s emporium. A papyrus scroll arrived on my table neatly bound with a red ribbon, and upon examination it revealed a menu. Traditional dishes were featured alongside more exotic dishes from all over the world. The choice was varied and original; Malaysian Noodles, Louisiana Stew, Avocado fondue, Alexandrian casserole and Shrimps of Barbados amongst many others. I opted for the more sober Louisiana Stew. It arrived looking appealing, the portions generous and the taste delightful. For desert I chose the flamboyant Crepe Suzette, also delicious. My dinner had been prepared by a local chef who had satisfied the appetites of many discerning customers, including celebrities. After my feast, I relaxed over a creamy coffee to look around and soak up the atmosphere. I saw fine art murals depicting mythological landscapes, marbled floors encapsulated within Greek columns, and mosaics depicting dolphins, horses and turtles adorned the floors. A fish-tank hidden within a wall was surrounded by foliage and all manner of quirky objects‘d art. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Atlantis. The food, lighting, music and ambience were unique and very special: more of a night’s entertainment than a meal out. It was unlike any other restaurant I had ever been to before; rustic yet smart, friendly and lots of fun. I left promising to return with a group of friends for further culinary adventures at Atlantis. By John Marshall. UK Moors Magazine, 1999.


Customers’ reviews

of Atlantis

“The food was lovely, unusual and very good service, atmosphere and décor was first class.”

M Gallagher- Bedford


“Just felt like being Philease Fogg, travelling throughout the world, both by taste and by atmosphere! Great!”

M Salion- Paris


“The setting is out of this world and the food is from all around the World.”

H Marshall- Birmingham


“The best of The West! First class and more.”

P Burley- Sheffield


“Without a doubt- The finest culinary experience! Great food and utterly ambient Ambience.”

A Picot- Belfast


“Beautiful cuisine, healthy good taste & texture with an original flair well laid out and prepared excellent service and Atmosphere”.

T Beaney- Norfolk


“Best child menu I’ve come across. Adult food is wonderful too!”

J Luscombe- Birmingham


“The staff are very friendly and the food is like travelling the world in 1 hr 30 minutes in five star hotels.”

S Greatrex –Weymouth


Excellent – Lonely Planet


The best place to eat in town – Rough Guide


Highly Commended - The North Devon Good Food Awards 2001

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Published in Levante Lifestyle, Issue 41 June / July 2008
10 February 2012
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