Ongoing benefits of Big Strategy:

Regenerate the community, improve health, fund innovation, improve thinking, reduce pollution, improve recycling, improve social entrepreneur knowledge, promote pride in the local area, increase community facilities, improve efficiency, enhance volunteering, fund inventors, increase international opportunities, create local opportunities, improve skills, help pubs and farms diversify, create thousands of green jobs, improve transport, reduce pollution, improve education, benefit all charities, reduce stress, help the elderly, reduce depression, help the disabled, save forests, engage the community, create more fun, boost the economy, generate better leisure facilities, help the homeless, reduce boredom, help people with learning disabilities, increase green products, increase car-sharing, bring the community together, increase green areas, enhance help and support, increase biodiversity, reduce starvation, increase resourcefulness, help disaster victims, improve creativity, improve understanding of local heritage, improve product labeling, create new incentives to establish positive projects, improve the results of charities, build more income streams for NGO’s, save resources, increase effectiveness of charities, reduce time spent on fundraising, create more fun, accelerate innovation, improve CSR., increase exercise options, save the rainforest, fund new green start-up businesses, keep jobs local, increase local food production, boost efficiency of relief efforts, increase knowledge, increase time outdoors, provide green diversification for businesses, help under-funded community initiatives, expand organic, reduce loneliness, help animals, improve insulation, increase free-cycling, enhance eco-tourism, increase gardening, boost renewable energy, make life more rewarding, help families more, help green companies become greener, reduce housing stress, improve communication, provide healthy alternative to binge drinking, increase fairness, enhance generosity, save resources, improve recycling, help resources get better used, increase happiness, save water, help animals, improve soil, improve access to training, reduce unnecessary journeys, improve communication, provide additional facilities for single parents, provide further support for servicemen, help people access help, improve sports facilities, utilise waste ground better, improve social justice, create more cohesive communities, introduce collective international tree planting, improve results at international aid and conservation conferences, help tackle climate change more effectively.






























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Published in Levante Lifestyle, Issue 41 June / July 2008
10 February 2012
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